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RELAX – Unique patented blade system

The RELAX blade system keeps the plow blades locked. The plow´s trace is smooth and the formation of the packed snow is considerably less.

When the blade strikes an obstacle, the blade system lock is released, the blade body turns backwards and the blade passes over the obstacle. This protects the driver, implement and base machine from collision damage.

The plow with the RELAX blade system can be pressed against the plowed surface, which allows removal of the packed snow.

How the RELAX blade system works:

– The blade body is mechanically locked by three joints (Figure 1.).
– As the load increases, the lock is released and the blade body makes a rapid and extensive evasive movement (Figure 2.).
– When the load is released, the spring returns the blade body back to the lock (Figure 1.).
– The blade release force can be infinitely adjusted by changing the angle of the joints (Figure 3.). The greater the angle between the joints (Figure 1.), the lighter the lock will open. WHEN TIGHTENING THE NUT the release force DECREASES, WHEN LOOSENING THE NUT the release force INCREASES (Figure 3.).



Figure 1. and 2.


Figure 3.