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About Us

Lametal Oy

Strong partner

We at Lametal Oy design, manufacture and market STARK -attachments for wheel loaders, tool carriers, tractors and excavators. Today, the product family includes a wide variety of snow plows, brushes, bucket spreaders, snow buckets and road drags. STARK is a leading manufacturer of this kind of work tools in Finland.

Our company is located in Lapinlahti, Finland about 400 km north of Helsinki. We have a dealer network of STARK -attachments in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and CIS, and we are constantly looking for new partners! Do you want to be part of the STARK -professionals?

Best service for You

We design the STARK products for professional use. The design platform is based on a first class performance, durability and easy connectivity with base machines. Stark work tools can be attached into your base machine, which may be a tractor, tool carrier, wheel loader or excavator. We equip the work tools with STARK FIT adapters (changeable fitting frames), which can easily be changed to another frame, if the same equipment is used on different machines with different types of mountings for attachments.  Finnish know-how which is shaped by demanding weather conditions and lose cooperation with customers are important drivers when designing Stark-attachments. All Stark-products are designed and manufactured in Finland.

Smart choices to increase productivity

STARK -products are chosen by the industry’s leading contractors when efficient equipment is needed for snow removal, sanding, digging or brushing. The products are famous for their functionality, durability and technical properties. We are very proud of our products. With good work tools the productivity of the base machine can be increased to a higher level. High performing STARK -attachments are a smart choice when performance and safety counts.

Long experience for over 40 years

First STARK -products were designed and manufactured in the early 1980s. STARK’s first product was the tractor front linkage, which was soon joined by snow blade, rotary broom and diagonal snow plow. In the 1990s the product range was expanded to include articulated plows, collect sweepers, bucket spreaders and multipurpose buckets. In the 2000s the company’s market area has grown beyond the borders of Finland to Norway, Sweden, Baltics and Russia.

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